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Elenos Etg 2000 Manual

Elenos etg 2000 manual

The Elenos etg 2000 is a solid state FM transmitter with audio changeover option. It is part of the Elenos etg series, which also includes the models etg 1000, etg 700, etg 500, etg 300, etg 150 and etg 20. The Elenos etg series is designed to offer high performance, reliability and efficiency in a compact and modular design.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the Elenos etg 2000 features, specifications and user manual. We will also provide some links to download the user manual and other related documents.


Features of the Elenos etg 2000

The Elenos etg 2000 has the following features:

  • Output power of 2000 W in a single 2U rack unit.

  • High efficiency up to 80% thanks to the patented Elenos Planar Technology.

  • Low power consumption and heat dissipation.

  • Automatic power control and foldback protection.

  • Audio changeover option for seamless switching between two audio sources.

  • Remote control and monitoring via web interface, SNMP or GSM.

  • Easy installation and maintenance with plug-in modules and front access.

  • Compliance with international standards and certifications.

Specifications of the Elenos etg 2000

The Elenos etg 2000 has the following specifications:


Frequency range87.5 - 108 MHz

Output power2000 W (adjustable)

Output impedance50 ohm

Output connectorN female

VSWR tolerance<=1.5:1 (automatic foldback)

Power supplySingle phase 230 VAC +/-15% or three phase 400 VAC +/-15%

Power consumption<=3000 VA at full power

Cooling systemForced air with variable speed fans

Ambient temperature-10 to +45 C

Ambient humidity<=95% non condensing

Dimensions (WxHxD)483 x 88 x 650 mm (2U rack unit)

Weight<=25 kg

User manual of the Elenos etg 2000

The user manual of the Elenos etg 2000 provides detailed instructions on how to install, operate and maintain the transmitter. It also includes troubleshooting tips, technical data and warranty information. The user manual is available in English and Italian languages. You can download the user manual from [here] or [here].

Other related documents of the Elenos etg 2000

Besides the user manual, you can also find other related documents of the Elenos etg 2000, such as:

  • The quick start guide, which provides a summary of the main features and functions of the transmitter. You can download the quick start guide from [here].

  • The technical manual, which provides more detailed information on the technical aspects of the transmitter, such as schematics, diagrams and parts lists. You can download the technical manual from [here].

  • The declaration of conformity, which certifies that the transmitter complies with the relevant standards and regulations. You can download the declaration of conformity from [here].

We hope this article has been helpful for you to learn more about the Elenos etg 2000 manual. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.


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