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Trade ebook sales down 6.6% in July (year-on-year)19 October 2022 (Good E-Reader)In July 2022 in the United States eBook revenue is on the decline. Revenue was down 6.6% for the month as compared to July 2021 and the format generated $82.4 million. Digital and downloadable audiobooks were up 8.9%, coming in at $69.3 million in revenue.

Download DERSPIEGEL 17September2022 pdf

BookFunnel enables restricted ebook delivery for author promo16 Sept 2022 (BookFunnel)Authors asked for a way to send books to readers, track who was downloading, and have some kind of limit to protect their ARC links, and we delivered (heh). Certified Mail launched with landing page stats, download counts and limits, and watermarked EPUBs and MOBIs files (to deter file sharing).

Audiobook and ebook sales account for 17% of HarperCollins Revenue12 February 2022 (Good E-Reader)In the last three months of 2021, which include the critically important holiday shopping period, HarperCollins sales increased by 13% and generated $617 million dollars in sales. Digital sales rose 8% in the quarter compared to the prior year, driven by growth in downloadable audiobooks. Audiobook and ebook sales represented 17% of HarperCollins overall revenue, which accounted for $104 million in sales.

Harry Potter Ebooks to be Removed from Pottermore Site11 January 2022 (The Verge)The option to redownload existing book purchases from Pottermore will disappear for good at the end of January. Users can download a DRM-free EPUB until then.

UK Publishers asking ISPs to block pirate domains12 November 2021 (Tech Nadu)Big publishing houses added even more domains on the target list of their campaign to thwart book piracy. They now ask major UK ISPs to block more and more domains that facilitate illegal book downloading. Blocking injunctions for pirate sites that permit access to premium content extend to the infamous Sci-Hub and Libgen as well.

Another class action lawsuit over the risk of iTunes purchased content removal20 October 2021 ( April a judge gave the go-ahead to a class action lawsuit over this in California. In that case, it was over content that could not be re-downloaded. A new class action has been filed in New York against Apple for misleading consumers into believing it is selling them Digital Content on iTunes, even though it is only providing them with a license.

Audiobooks and ebooks are 18% of HarperCollins Revenue05 Feb 2021 (Good E-Reader)Digital sales increased 15% compared to the prior year, driven by growth in both e-book and downloadable audiobook sales. These formats combined accounted for 18% of the publishers total sales.

Pirated Textbooks Include Malware5 Sep 2019 (Tech.Co)According to Kaspersky, the files that are hidden in essays and textbooks vary in their threat levels, with the least dangerous downloading fairly harmless, if unwanted, software, and the biggest threat potentially able to take over an entire network.

(US) Court Questions Whether Ebook Pirate Site Operator Can Be Sued15 Jul 2019 (Torrent Freak)Earlier this year, author John Van Stry sued Travis McCrea, the former leader of the Pirate Party of Canada, over his eBook download platform, The US-based author sued McCrea in a Texas court demanding more than $200,000 in damages and costs.

EBSCO reaches more than 120,000 DRM-free titles on its ebook platform3 October 2018 ( can download either the full book or unlimited chapters with no sign-in required, read them in any application and transfer them to any device. Librarians have the choice between the DRM-free unlimited user version of a title or a limited user model with standard DRM-protection For the EBSCO eBooks that remain DRM-protected, users can still easily download DRM-free chapters.

Telco ORANGE brings ebooks to African Students13 February 2018 (The New Publishing Standard)Pre-launch the project already has 29,000 students signed up to receive content in ebook format through the MondoCNED app, that can be consumed online or downloaded.

AAP Reports Publisher Revenue Up, eBook Revenue Down11 September 2017 (The Digital Reader)The strong growth of audiobook downloads continued in First Four Months of 2017, with publisher revenue for this format jumping by 29.6%, to $100.6 million in in the first four months of 2017. eBooks revenues, on the other hand, fell 4.6% to $374.9 million.

(Ein schlimmes Panel daraus hat es auch auf den Titel der ersten Paperback-Ausgabe 1969 bei Grove Press gebracht, s. Beitragsabbildung oben. Das ist womöglich der reinen Exploitation geschuldet, denn das Frontispiz dieses Bandes zeigt ein alternatives Cover, das sehr viel mehr den Charakter des Comics widerspiegelt.) 041b061a72


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