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Ogg Stream Reset Serialno

Ogg Stream Reset Serialno

Ogg is a free and open container format for digital multimedia, such as audio and video. It is maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes open and royalty-free media codecs. Ogg files typically have the extension .ogg, .oga, or .ogv, depending on the type of content they contain.


Ogg streams are sequences of data packets that can be multiplexed into a single file or transmitted over a network. Each packet belongs to a logical bitstream, which has a unique serial number that identifies it. Ogg streams can be encoded or decoded using the libogg library, which provides functions for manipulating ogg_stream_state structs. These structs store the state of each logical bitstream, such as the current page number, packet number, granule position, and checksum.

One of the functions provided by libogg is ogg_stream_reset_serialno, which reinitializes the values in an ogg_stream_state struct and sets the stream serial number to a given value. This function can be useful when creating a new logical bitstream or changing the serial number of an existing one. The syntax of this function is:

int ogg_stream_reset_serialno(ogg_stream_state *os, int serialno);

The parameters are:

  • os: Pointer to the ogg_stream_state struct to be reset.

  • serialno: New stream serial number to use.

The return value is 0 on success, or nonzero on internal error.

Ogg stream reset serialno is a file that contains a dynamic link library (DLL) that implements the ogg_stream_reset_serialno function. This file can be downloaded from [this link], which is the official documentation page for libogg. The DLL file can be used by applications that need to access the ogg_stream_reset_serialno function without linking to the libogg library directly. However, users should be careful when downloading and using DLL files from unknown sources, as they may contain malicious code or viruses.

To use the ogg stream reset serialno file, users need to unzip it and place the DLL file in a folder that is accessible by the application that needs it. Alternatively, users can copy the DLL file to the system folder (such as C:\Windows\System32) or register it using the regsvr32 command. Users may also need to modify the application settings or code to load the DLL file and call the ogg_stream_reset_serialno function.

In conclusion, ogg stream reset serialno is a file that contains a DLL that implements the ogg_stream_reset_serialno function from libogg. This function can be used to reset the state and serial number of an ogg_stream_state struct. Users who want to use this file should download it from [the official source] and follow the instructions for installing and using it.


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