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Buy Sf10 Gas Mask ((LINK))

The S10 CBRN Respirator is a military gas mask that was formerly used within all branches of the British Armed Forces. Following the mask's replacement by the General Service Respirator in 2011, the S10 is now widely available to the public on the army surplus market.

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The mask includes a fail-safe drinking device, a Secondary Speech Transmitter (SST) on the side[4] which a Clansman radio system microphone can be clipped to, and corrective lenses can be fitted to the eyepieces. The mask also contains an inner oro-nasal mask to decrease fogging on the lenses. This mask is fitted with optical insert hooks, and therefore can be used by soldiers who wear glasses.

Adding a second style of gas mask to my collection. This mesh is actually the lower detail mesh I generate to build the masks on the origional 374 images used to build this. I rerun the scan on max settings after building those so while the texture resolution on this is sharp, the final will have much crisper mesh detail too!If you like what we do here and want to see us grow, support us with a Donation here!

Coming off a successful trial the S10 respirator entered production in 1986 with Avon Rubber plc as the only contractor for the mask (marking the first time a service respirator of Britain has only had a single manufacturer) this is despite a Soviet document alluding that LBR possibly had involvement in the development cycle however this is currently unconfirmed. After mass production had started issue began sometime in 1987 with its first major trial being in the gulf war where several issues in relation to hot environments arose: namely the harnesses slipping, poor ventilation and valves sticking. This was due to the design of the S10 being centred around a hypothetical war in Europe between NATO and the Warsaw pact, however many of the issues presented were resolved in the coming years with minor amendments to the design but the issue with heat continued to plague the S10 up until it was phased out.

The mid-life redesign took place just after the Gulf war to correct and improve certain parts and features of the S10 respirator, which are; harness buckle tabs, orinasal cup, valve rubber specification and lower harness buckle attachment point on the mask itself.

Consisting of a rigid butyl rubber mask the respirator can withstand blister agents and all known chemical and nerve agent-based weapons at the time of its introduction for a length of up to 4 hours. The mask itself has a ridge running around the edge for use with Mk IV NBC suits. Masks can be dated by the date roundel on the side of the mask itself, pre and post midlife redesign masks can be distinguished via if the roundel only "AVON" or "Avon UK" with the latter indicating a post midlife redesign mask. Coming in 4 sizes the mask's size can be found on the right hand side.

The inserts caused some significant issues with the respirator, however, including some stemming from the specialised lens type needed to use them. One such issue was fullers earth decontamination power had a habit of falling behind the inserts and getting stuck, hindering vision and possibly causing respiratory problems when a user dons the mask. Another issue that occurred especially in hot climates was the sun being magnified by the lenses and causing the lens to degrade, the side effect of which can still be seen today with many L3A1 respirators having significant lens damage from layer separation and deterioration. The lenses themselves produced a "fish eye" effect not too dissimilar to the one seen in the S6 when a user looks either left or right causing possible nausea.

In the early 1980's, the United States had begun the XM40 Trials to once again find a replacement for the aging M17 Series Field Protective Masks that had been in use since 1959. Many companies submitted designs for a new protective mask, including Avon Rubber, who in 1983, submitted a version of their S10 Respirator which had been modified to fit U.S. Army requirements.

A rather rare export model of the S10, redistributed by KX Defense[2][3], an American company. Its key difference is that the mask was pre-packaged with a six-point elastic head harness, seen on most US military masks, unlike the standard rubber one used on the original. While it was designed for law enforcement agencies within the US, it still retained the drinking tube, overall it's just the standard S10. Meaning it is compatible with most, if not all of its accessories.[4]

Avon's S10 is the first air purification respirator (APR) of the new generation of gas masks. The mask fully meets NATO requirements and has been adopted by multiple defense forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide since its introduction in 1986.

The mask offers first-class protection against penetration of hazardous biological and/or chemical agents and is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including optical sights, weapons, combat clothing, protective headgear and communications equipment.

British Army S10 Gas Mask Genuine Military issue S10 CBRN Respirator is a military gas mask that was formerly used within all branches of the British Armed Forces. (CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) It is advisable to always have an unused set of sealed filters for use with the mask, this can be purchased from our website when available.

Basic thread for most of common gas masks and accessories is based on NATO40 standard thread. We designed special thread compatible with "west" (NATO gasmask system, like popular british S10 gas mask) and "east" (e.g. soviet gas masks). Colours are optionable. If you need special join or fitting, feel free to contact us.

Full-feature respirator engineered for civil defense, law enforcement, hazmat crews, and CBRN specialists. The CM-6M gas mask is made from bromobutyl rubber, offering a high level of resistance to chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. Comes standard with a speech diaphragm. Drinking system and canteen are optional

Specially designed for ergonomics when using with optics, the CM-7M is the current military issue full-face respirator in the Czech Republic and Lithuania. This gas mask offers many of the same features offered by the CM-6M, with more emphasis on giving operators a tactical advantage under extreme conditions.

Military-spec filtration technology with 40mm NATO threading and a 20-year shelf life. The NBC-77 SOF gas mask filter offers reliable protection against a wide range of harmful and highly toxic substances including all known CBRN agents.

We offer only the highest-quality gas masks, PAPR systems, protective coveralls, and hazard detection equipment on the market to provide emergency preparedness, comfort, and superior protetion under the harshest conditions. We have many competitors, but when you shop with MIRA Safety, you are guaranteed total satisfaction with every purchase.

British S10 gas mask with hood, equipped with a zipper and hair protectionThe mask body is always black, it may be the color of the cover can be chosen.A contrasting color, the middle part of the mask, where the zipper is located in a different color glued.

The best masks for emergencies are respirators because they prevent bad stuff from getting into your respiratory system. Bandanas, dust masks, and surgical masks are not respirators and are not something you should rely on in emergencies!

Disposable respirator masks, like the common N95 or P100 types, are the minimal acceptable protection in common emergencies. They filter out particles such as floating burnt pieces of plants and buildings, dust, and bacteria. But disposable respirator masks do not protect against gases and (most) vapors.

The first letter refers to how oil resistant the mask is. The oil rating matters during emergencies because things like pepper spray can clog up your filters. The number refers to the percentage of particles filtered out by the mask.

In Europe, the rating levels work a little differently:RatingDescriptionP1Filters at least 80% of airborne particlesP2Filters at least 94% of airborne particlesP3Filters at least 99.95% of airborne particlesThe EU also uses the letters FFP for disposable respirators and just P for the half- and full-mask respirators. So a US N95 disposable is equal to an EU FFP2.How do gas masks and respirators work?Without getting too sciencey, think of the basic difference between threats as whether the threat is a particle or a gas.

But experts believe that the risks are growing due to advances in technology. The rise of bioengineering and cheap, small-scale lab equipment means a small group of radicals could create something nasty.Importance of respirator mask fitSince respirators only work by creating a safe pocket of protected air around your nose and mouth, any leaks or gaps let dangerous air sneak in from the outside.

We really like disposables with exhalation valves, which let your exhaled breath leave the mask through a one-way valve. A mask is worthless if you fidget with it or remove it because it got hot and sticky after 20 minutes. These valves can lower the temperature inside the mask by 15 degrees!

Based on our research, the top disposable particulate mask is the 3M 8293 P100 at $13 a piece. It has an exhalation valve, adjustable straps, and a five year shelf-life (compared to three years on other options). We chose the 8293 over the 8233 because it works against oil-based aerosols and over the 8271 because of stronger protection against smoke, arsenic, etc. Official spec sheet.

We like the very popular 3M 7500 masks for $20 (before filters). Reviewers love the downward exhalation valve, which keeps your hot breath from fogging up any glasses. A soft silicone face seal is more comfortable and does a better job of creating a proper seal than disposable masks. Model 7501 is small, 7502 is medium, and 7503 is large. Official spec sheet.

Pairing with the 3M masks above, we like the 3M 7093C P100 plus Nuisance Gas filter, which is around $25 per pair. It combines the normally separate particulate filter and gas/vapor filters into one relatively low-profile piece that reduces the awkward problems with half masks. Plus the hard exterior shell makes the filters much more durable than the common soft options. 041b061a72


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