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Seven Souls Online

no word yet on whether the other dark souls games will be joining the fray as well. the youtube channel "dark souls heaven", a spin-off of dark souls developer fromsoftware's official developer channel on the popular video game network, uploaded gameplay footage from the game that users can play online for free. the footage appears to be taken from bloodborne, which also runs on the xbox one console. whether the gameplay consists of pre-release information, or if it will be published publicly, or if it's just the first part of a video sequence to be released in the future, remains to be seen.

Seven Souls Online

likewise, we believe that dark souls 3 online pc servers will be restored soon, one which should alleviate any stress regarding the feature and return to the blissful state fans have enjoyed for the past year, free from the grasp of a security vulnerability.

7 souls online pc servers were shut down in january after a security vulnerability in one of the games networking protocols was identified. the vulnerability made it possible for hackers to gain access to any dark souls players world by using a multiple-user account system.

the servers made a return just a few weeks ago in february after that initial vulnerability was patched up. the return of the online servers and the game as a whole is no doubt in many fans eyes a testament to dark souls 3s excellent pc port. it has been a tough year for pc gamers, with many titles leaving the platform to take advantage of the massive next-gen consoles, but it seems that the latter might have got off lightly after all and dark souls 3 remains on pc.


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