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Customizr Pro: How to Get More Features and Benefits with the Premium Version

You can preview all your edits in real time. To learn more about Press Customizr WordPress Themes, you can visit an informative help page with detailed tutorials and step-by-step guides. The themes created by this company have millions of downloads and the highest ratings.

Customizr Pro Download

Download Zip:

Customizr is a beautiful, responsive and free theme for WordPress available with 8 skins or theme colors. This powerful theme is ready for popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress and qTranslate. You can download this theme at WordPress Theme directory.

When you're ready to build, customizr will crawl your project for Modernizr test references and save out a minified, uglified, customized version using only the tests you've used in your JavaScript or (S)CSS.

Path to the local build file you're using for development. This parameter is needed so customizr can skip your dev file when traversing your project to avoid triggering false positives. If you're using a remote file for development, set this option to remote.

For large projects, building a custom Modernizr file can be an expensive task. customizr does its best to avoid unnecessary builds by following a set criteria. When all of the following are met, it assumes that no changes are necessary:




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