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Art Modeling Liliana

Latina and wild side representing a woman that is fun, colorful, happy, and creative so she expresses her fashion forward sense and explores her instinct with new cuts and shapes. Ethnic designs appear with meticulous handcrafted details and beads. The classic mix of animal print and flowers is always a must, for Liliana it accents the unique design, and adds a note of trend in every season.

art modeling liliana

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Rosa Liliana Matzkin is the Charles E. Davidson Distinguished Professor of Economics. Her research has been aimed at creating a tight connection between econometrics and economic theory, avoiding specifications and transformations not implied by economic models. She has developed (i) methods to test the consistency of data with economic models, (ii) methods to identify and estimate nonparametric functions using shape restrictions implied by economic theory, (iii) nonparametric methods that allow unobservable variables to enter in non-additive ways within models, and (iv) methods to identify and estimate nonparametric and non-separable systems of equations. She has worked on models of consumer demand, discrete choice, and equilibrium, among others.

Dr. Liliana Snchez (University of Illinois Chicago) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She received the National Science Foundation grants DEB-1701707, DEB-1453113, and DEB-1116628. She served as Director for the International Center for Language and Cognition in Education (ICLACE) at the University of Illinois at Chicago for three years. The ICLACE team engaged in research on subfield priming and bilingual word learning, with a focus on how morphemic information is processed in the brain, and how it drives word learning in bilingual contexts. This information was used to develop classroom tools to boost children's word learning. Recent publications include: Crosslinguistic word learning by Brazilian 1st grade students: Morpheme influence on bilingual children's learning and naming of new objects, Cognition; and The interplay of morphological and linguistic processing in the brain: Evidence from an ERP study of bilingual morphological processing, Consciousness and Cognition. Liliana's research is mainly focused on bilingual lexical processing, bilingualism and bilingual development. Liliana is also interested in developing a tool that facilitates the learning of new words in bilingual children. This tool would use an automated lexical processing test that includes priming tasks related to the new words. Liliana is also interested in research, methodologies and tools that can foster theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical innovation and research.




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